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    To Everything, There is a Season

    When I took over GreaterRealms from its original owner, I made the promise to every player that has registered, whether active or not—that GR would remain so long as I remain on this earth. Today, I must, with my whole heart and mind apologize to every one of you as I must break that promise...
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    Admin Activity - August

    Chat room updated Several robot/spam accounts purged, banned, cleaned Spam messages and posts removed TH Nodes and Theme updated. Working on: lowering bot / spam accounts.
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    Admin activity - July 2019

    GreaterRealms software has been updated to the latest version! Nodes and UIX for Abyss theme has been updated Outdated templates have been merged or updated You Administrator has respectfully resigned from her retail job and acquired a new job as an SEO Copywriter! Pay increase and working from...
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    Admin Activity - June 2019

    2nd: Clearing of spam post, 20+ spam accounts banned, addition of double checking certain email domains against Stop Forum Spam + several lists, domains added to banned emails to help combat spam sign ups.
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    Important Between 7pm and 10pm pacific, our web host will upgrade

    You may experience GR outages between 7pm - 10pm Pacific this evening as Dreamhost upgrades to the newest version of Ubuntu. Dreamhost does not expect this to cause much issue, but just a reminder to not panic if things are a little wonky during the update.
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    Admin Activity - May 2019

    Update to TH UI.X Several updates to TH Abyss Theme (Current dark GR theme) Update to Xenforo 2.1.2. Siropu Chat (Our Chat room software) updated Removal of spam account and under-age player/character Update of TH Nodes (The add on that gives GR the sweet images for forums and allows them to...
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    Should we use the rest of Paypal funds for a points/item shop?

    We currently have enough sitting in our community Pay pal to purchase a points per post/item shop for GreaterRealms. Should we do so? Should we wait? Do you care if a website has an item shop or no? Let us know!
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    News Another year thanks to YOU! Bills paid & Donation status

    Hello everyone! Thank you to each and every one of you whom donated last year and this year to GreaterRealms, we are now completely paid with our unlimited DreamHost account from now until April 2020. This gives us another year of open possibilities for GR and for you! Without you, GR...
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    To Do Admin Activity - April 2019

    Theme House UIX add on (Needed for the Abyss Theme) uploaded and updated to current version. Them House theme: Abyss has currently been upgraded to current version. Gamer Profiles have been updated. Light theme/dark theme switcher has been updated. There may be a few bugs or errors with this...
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    To Do Admin Activity - April 2019

    Accidentally replied to the March post. Oops! Editor & BB Code Manager upgraded to current version. Developer bug fixes and improvements: Resolved an issue that prevented lists from being usable in editor. Resolved an issue that would prevent account preferences from being accessible, when...
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    Positive of the Day

    Yesterday was a pretty rough day for reasons that nobody needs to hear. Today my husband went to get the mail--we thought it was the usual--we order our kitty litter and some basic household stuff from Amazon (I'm sorry, I know) because a lot of the prime things are more affordable for us now...
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    News GR Gazette - Issue #2

    GR GENERAL Happiest of March to everyone! I hope your St. Patricks day if you celebrated was a good one and that this month has been as good and kind to you as you have been to GR. Another month has gone by and it is time for our second Gazette, to keep you all informed on what's going on in...
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    Advertisement guidelines - align=center does NOT work. [CENTER][/CENTER] does!

    Hopefully putting the notice of align=center in the title will help catch the eyes of those missing it in this post.
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    Easter/Spring Event Easter/Spring Event 2019 - Fae Wilds Abandoned Court

    SETTING AT A GLANCE: The reflecting pools. Tinkling softly, four sparkling pools surrounded by ancient stone inscribed with long forgotten languages sparkles in whatever light touches it. Soft pink blossoms surround, emitting a calming scent that is difficult to pinpoint. There's a rumor that...
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