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    This, I think, needs to be seen.

    Darcy is one of my favorite people on RDI; Going Away For Who Knows How Long
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    ::Has big sign over the threads pretend door (Which is just a door frame and a door in it. No walls) reading "Props Thread!!":: I'm sure your all wondering what this is ::Waves a hand at the thread:: T'is simple. For those of you not in the know: 'Props' is Le Slang word for "accolades"...
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    ::Waves:: Helloooo!!

    ::Totally steals the Intro's folder again:: First! XD Hello again peoples! I am Val Holt. I found Greater Realms via Mutual Endeavours, which I found through RDI...Which I found when looking for a random name generator as it happen XD
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