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    Welcome to Greater Realms! We're glad to have you here :des:
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    Holy Sh*t : Videos of Awesomeness

    Holy shit, 360 no-scope and a Ninja jumping knights in armour doing full contact weapons? YES PLEASE!!
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    This, I think, needs to be seen.

    Darcy is one of my favorite people on RDI; Going Away For Who Knows How Long
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    Finally a Hello to you all.

    Welcome to the mad house! Take all the time you need to get that dust off, and get to rp'ing! :des:
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    About time you're here, Dracina.

    Welcome to the mad house! Let you bloodlust and general lust run free! :D
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    A little late

    Hey Trouble :mew: Welcome to the mad house, get Aurthur on here.
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    Ahem, well I suppose I could say hello.

    Pft, you just know I'm so awesome, only the awesome stuff happens around me!! :P <3 you Claire, have fun on GR :wee:
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    Tinsy belated Hi

    Hiyo~ Welcome to the mad house! I'm one of the awesome Moderators :mew: I hope you're enjoying you time on GR!
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    Better late than never

    Although you've already had it in chat, everyone gets a free one on the forums as well... WELCOME TO THE MAD HOUSE <3 :wee:
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    Ahem, well I suppose I could say hello.

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    Its a bird thing

    Welcome to the mad house~ :omg:
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    *taptap* Is this thing on?

    I use the terms 'Oldie' and 'Senior Oldie' to describe all the old farts, they seem to like it better :omg: And besides! It just means you're more awesome! Welcome to the madhouse, D and have fun!
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    Welcome to the mad house! :des:
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    Hola, mi amigos

    Everytime I see Bashir, I think of DS9. WELCOME TO THE MAD HOUSE! :dnc:
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    D&D Anyone?

    If someone wants to link the PDF's to D&D rule books, ect, PLEASE DO AND I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER. I've never played D&D before, the closest thing I've gotten to is War Hammer 40,000. Different in so much that I've never built a character inside the D&D rule setting, and I'd love to do that...
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    Walk a mile in their shoes [Writing Game]

    I never did say that I've thrown my hate in here, did I? Go crazy peeps XD Loving reading this stuff everyone! Keep up the awesome work!
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    Welcome to the mad house! I've seen Sin around on RDI and here, so I'm glad you'll be playing more!! XD Have fun! :des:
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    Walk a mile in their shoes [Writing Game]

    I can see Skid dressed up as Cinderella now....OH gods XD
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    Do you believe in life after love?

    I have no interesting stories v.v Only 4 of my characters have ever had relationships, and out of them, only two are regularly played, in RDI or AIM. Les, bless her cotton socks, is still getting used to the idea that people actually don't mind having physical relationships with vampires...
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