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GreaterRealms is a completely free website for role players to use and play on. It will always be free to use. Players and members are never obligated to pay to play. GR runs completely on the administrators coffee fueled binges of updating and coding, as well as any generous donations made by the community, for the community.

100% of all donations given to GreaterRealms go immediately to, or remain in keeping, for any costs of upkeep for GR, such as paying our yearly hosting fee, renewing the domain, paying for yearly Xenforo support or any additional professionally designed themes or add-ons that bring functionality, role play aspects, or fun to GR.

What is the current yearly cost to maintain GR as it is?
Currently GreaterRealms yearly costs are projected to be:
Dreamhost yearly renewal: $119 , due in April
Domain yearly( renewal: $13 due in August
Xenforo yearly renewal for support and updates: $160 due by Feb 5, 2020.

What are the current fundraising campaign(s) for?
Anytime you see a campaign progress bar in the side bar, it will be either for an add on that increases functionality, member activity, or immersion in GR. Or, it will be to pay our yearly fees for maintaining the website. GR may consider in the future running campaigns for charitable causes such as animal shelters, disaster relief, and so on. Right now, we are currently focusing on just the costs to keep us going and afloat.

How do I know the Site Owner isn't using these funds for beer and new games? Or whatever?
First, as the site owner and administrator I am sure this will shock many of you--but I don't like beer. I prefer rum. Flavored, sickly sweet fruity rum with little umbrellas in the drinks. Second, the games I play are all paid for :p.

But in all seriousness, if at any time a member feels the need to inquire as to where the money is, screen shots can be taken of various donation dashboards (with relevant info blurred) to show members where the money is, where it is sitting, and where it is going. Digital receipts can also be shown if further proof is needed. Your site owner does not take donations lightly or frivolously. Money given to GR is money for GR. Period. If it is not spent, it will not be spent until the next bill or upgrade is near.

Where can I donate?
The donate to GR button is on the side bar of our main site. Clicking that will open a pop up that will allow you to donate. Currently you can choose to use paypal to donate, or stripe.

Campaigns for additional customizing or add-ons that encourage role play and member fun may be run by the administration, but all members are under no obligation to donate. If you enjoy playing on GR then that's perfect! If you enjoy playing here and want to, as well as are able to donate, wonderful! Otherwise, our main goal at GR is to give a wonderful home to unlimited imagination. That's all. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do! Thanks, and happy gaming!
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