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What is role play?

Role play is simply the act of playing a role. Role playing can be as simple as a potential interviewer asking you to pretend to be a customer, to playing an elf in a board game, to dressing up like an ogre and smashing people over the head with foam axes in the middle of the woods somewhere.

GreaterRealms is a free form role playing website.

Free Form Role Play
refers to playing a character without the assistance of manuals, rule books, dice or stats. A player is free to role play a vampire from V:tm, for instance, without worrying about points, or a character from Dungeons & Dragons without worrying about level, experience, or rolling die. With free form role play there is no process of getting approved to play a character. There are no rules as to what kind of character you can play. You can play your favorite movie character, book character, or you can play your favorite character you created in a setting of your choosing; from original to media based.

Most if not all character actions, scenes and writing in free form role play should be wholly consent-based (as in: players have permission from another player in some means or way to write with them, be it some cue in character either from chat rooms, on forums, or communication out of character and so on). Free form role play within forums or message boards can also be considered collaborative fiction

The concept, whittled down to its most simplest of forms is this: You are free to write your character as you see fit so long as you do so in a respectful and collaborative manner. Respect is a strong keypoint in free form role playing.

Free form role play can be confusing at first when navigating things like fighting scenes. You may wonder: "How can I ensure that a hit lands on another character? How do we make stories exciting if people refuse to accept the element of danger and their character can die at any moment? How do you sort out melee and who won what, without rules and strict guidelines so everyone's on the same table?"

The easiest answer to that is: communication and respect. Communicate what your wants and needs are to your fellow player. Discuss before hand what you expect out of a scene or role playing thread while listening to what your role play partner wants as well. Some role players enjoy epic fighting scenes, some enjoy mundane and every day scenes. The best way to ensure that the both of you get what you are looking for in role play is to be honest with one another, communicate what you want, and respect each other's wishes as well as boundaries.

In essence, Free Form Role Play and its experience entirely relies on the players. The player's commitment to writing and engaging in a good story, no matter what that story may be.

Free Form Role Play is essentially your story for your character wherein you welcome one or many to write the story along with you, in turn, hopefully influencing and helping write their character's stories as well.

If the above was a little confusing for you, there are many other very well written resources on what free form role playing is. I encourage you to check these links and give them a read:

Welcome to free form role playing and GreaterRealms!
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