Chat Tutorial GR's custom chat commands.


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While in GR's chat, there are standard and customized commands users may access. A list of standard commands and what they do can be found while logged into the chat and clicking the circle icon.

Our customized commands however, can be found below:

All chat rooms:
Type /((setting)) to have the bot respond with a description of the in character chat rooms settings.

Out of character chat rooms: The Lounge & Guest Reception only:
Type /grinfo in The Lounge or our Guest room to find out where our knowledge base is.

Type /rhydin in The Lounge chat room or our Guest chat room to find a link GR's website setting.

Type /chatrules in The Lounge or our Guest chatroom for a link to our chat rules post.

Type /events in The Lounge or our Guest chat room for a listing of current events happening on GR.

Additional customized commands will be edited and included in this post as time goes on (and your admin learns about the chat bot).
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