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RhyDin, GreaterRealms setting, serves as a catch all realm for all character types. RhyDin (and its various spellings over the years: Rhydin, RhyDin, Rhy'Din ) represents both the planet the setting takes place in as well as a massive sprawling city in the middle of a mostly uncharted, unmapped mysterious wilds that surround it.

Players can explain the oddity of having a wood elf sitting beside a robot easily by using The Nexus which influences Rhydin city itself and all environs around it. The Nexus is a generalized magical or scientific means of travel from between worlds as well as times that generally centers on Rhydin city. A cybernetic being once part of the Alliance may find themselves seated beside a halfling sharing a good pint, while a harried woman in a business suit and pointed ears texts that she will be late to her next business meeting as an alien settles down in a chair nearby after a long interplanetary mission. Most find themselves living here either by choice or because of the inability to navigate the convoluted Nexus pathways home.

A wanderer in Rhydin may find modern sky scrapers, bustling and lit up at night may be walked passed, then shrouded in mist as one finds themselves passing quaint thatched rooves and oxen pulled carts. There are two moons that may be spotted in Rhydin's sky: Arabrab, large and lazy. Trebor, small and quick.

RhyDin has many areas or many pockets of reality within it. Massive land masses outside of civilized pockets remain uncharted, untapped or undiscovered.

Some presume Rhydin planet and city itself to be perhaps a living entity, responding, shifting, changing in reaction to each individual and group that tread her soil and that the possibilities of adventure are as infinite and endless as imagination.
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