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When I decided in 2018 that many things in my life needed to be improved--not just Greater Realms--I took on things that I haven't done in years.

Mainly, working. After being an illegal immigrant slash applying for citizenship slash had to return to Canada to get paper work straightened out slash lawyers slash all of that, I couldn't work. 15 years of unemployment resulted in the usual issues. Starting out from the bottom was frightening. I thought it would be difficult. Honestly I was surprised I did not end up in the fast food service.

I ended up in retail.
Close enough.

It was a part time job and it took a lot out of me. I thought I could manage my hobbies and Greater Realms together still without issue.

Well. It's 2020. I've got from part time retail to part time SEO Copywriting, higher wages--to full time SEO Copywriter and I think it's safe to say that I can no longer keep up with my hobbies let alone running a website for them. Plus--and I say this with absolutely 100% no jealousy because I RP there and lurk on their Discord at least once every weekend: Rhydin.org is better.

Like, not just better than GR but better than all other places from the past and currently. It's active and its administration is there and listening and communicating.

What does that mean for GR?
And a little bit of everything.

I made a promise when I took over GR that it would always remain. And so it shall. But the cost of renewing Xenforo is at least 100 bucks or more and the yearly license for the chat are all donation lead. That would ultimately make more sense if I were an active admin and this were a super active site. I don't feel right asking for funds when they could be applied to a website far more active and able to meet their members needs.

I think that I would rather see the funds go to Rhydin.org and the deserving, hard working people there. They've managed to give us a home away from home and melded the best of both worlds: what I wanted for GR and the ability to evolve with a changing and growing membership other sites didn't seem to understand, as well as being extremely active, AND you can say shit and no one will ban you. :D

I will be keeping GR open. I will be fighting spam as much as possible. You may still post! You can still use GR as an archive or back up of a back up or something to poke at from time to time.

I am here to be honest with myself. I cannot keep GR running with a job, and being the sole staff member--and then someone went and did exactly what I had envision for GR, but better and more fun-ner? than I did. So much so that not only did I love it, I play there when I have time. :)

So it's time to admit what many of you knew in 2018, but I was too stubborn to admit.

Please visit, support, and participate at Rhydin.org forums and Discord for live, active, activity filled RP <3 Feel free to check in from time to time, too. I'm sorry I couldn't do it as well as I should have, but I am not sorry and am so proud to see how the Rhydin community has changed, continued to grow and evolve onward and upwards into amazing things. Like for real, check out the things that can be done on Discord <3

Much love always,
Your worst Admin,
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