Just one more night.

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“Shh..here she comes..” hushed tones go unnoticed amid the towering shipping containers along the docks.

From high above, several sets of eyes watch as their target makes her way in a set course through the metal maze. Silent movements shadow her course like malevolent spirits. Four figures carefully zip across the gaps above the containers, rushing ahead with nary a sound left in their wake except the gentle swish of cloth and fabric. They watch in silence where the woman below stops to check in with her dispatcher.

Four sets of mouths spread into wide predatory grins.

“This bitch is going down…” a gentle voice whispers, masked by the feedback from the radio below.

Four masks nod in unified understanding. Each had their place and assignment, they split off in different directions as a fifth, the speaker remained in place. In a sexless bodysuit, it watches the towering woman move towards the first area of their plan and draws a bow from its back. “Tonight...you die, Kuori Thuliaga. Slowly...painfully, and shamed.”

With each word, the voice drops deeper and deeper through the vocal ranges, ending in something not even covered by bass. Taking a steady crouch, the figure knocks its first arrow...and aims for the first hanging container. Resin chord touches its chin for just a second before loosing the arrow at the linchpin. It’s not a metallic chink when the arrow connects, but a concussive blast.

The goliathess below has enough time to look up and see the shipping container coming down...hard. And fast. Five pairs of eyes watch as their prey throws her shield over her head as if that alone can deflect so much tonnage. The night comes to life in the cacophony of twisting metal and shock wave of dust and debris cast outward.

“Did we get her? Please say that got her?” an earpiece crackles to life excitedly.

“Radio silence…” their leader cuts off any other commentary.

Several minutes begin to pass as the dust settles. A smiles begins to form lightly, like a ray of hope. A heart begins to race in elation. A distant set of hands clap in giddy anticipation. Two mouths frown, holding off any celebratory actions until the kill is confirmed. No movement comes from the container.

“Going in to confirm…” Archer whispers into his earpiece, jumping from the nearest stack into an impact absorbing roll. Knocking another concussive arrow, he slowly circles the wreckage.

“Any blood?” a voice crackles in his ear.

The question follows on the heels of others, several he’s asking himself. Carefully he sweeps wide around the back. The hinged doors of the container have buckled and broken outward on their pins. Cardboard, foam, and bubble wrap litter the ground where the contents were thrown around by the impact. “I think we got her...not see-”

His words are cut off by a flash of purple that blinds his vision. The sensation of flying envelopes him before crumpling into a heap against the far wall of containers. Vision blurs as he looks up at the approaching assailant. “Not...possible…” he groans once and passes out.

Her uniform cut and torn in several places, Kuori kneels down and begins to search the man. The I-Beam sized Terrasque dildo she’d used to brain the man tucked under one arm, she searches for any identification or markings before removing his hood. Tanned and blond, she doesn’t recognize him. It’s hard to tell with the giant mushroom shaped bruise darkening the entire side of his face from forehead to jaw. The little noise coming from his ear gets her attention. Fishing around, she finds the earpiece and looks at it oddly, sniffs it, then puts it in her own ear. Wincing at the varied voices.

“Is she dead?”

“Did we kill the bitch?”

“What’s the sitrep?”

Her own com destroyed, Kuori grimaces but has enough sence to remain silent. Rolling the felled man over, she curls his arms and legs back, hog tying him to the ultra-sized sex toy. Real genius move dropping one of the Helston containers on her. Hoisting him up, she throws him inside the container which spits out more packing peanuts. Right beside the hole her shield had burned through the bottom of their death trap.

Damn that hurt she thinks to herself. Moving onward with a slight limp she grimaces feeling a slight draft. Not a pleasant feeling, at all, with an offshore breeze.

Turning the next corner, Kuori brings herself up short and braces for whatever is to come. No one ever comes at her alone...right? Eyes forward, she looks hesitantly at the next area of her rounds.

The oil yard and gas docks.
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