((OOC Event: Ask the Admin/Meet & Greet))


New Member
Greetings citizens, members, lurkers and admirers of GreaterRealms!

On Saturday, August 30th, at 7PM EST time until I can't hold my eyes open and/or the chat is empty, come join me (That's me: GreaterRealms), and your fellow members for an Ask The Admin/Meet & Greet your fellow Members night of OOC fun and chit chat!

Have you ever:
  • Wanted to test the chat out but didn't want to go in because (reasons?)
  • Wanted to get to know your fellow members?
  • Asked me how all this stuff works?
  • Tell me about a bug/a suggestion/an idea for the site?
  • Seriously ask me wtf is up with GR anyway?
  • Wonder why we're here?
  • Give compliments?
  • Steal cookies?
  • Make inappropriate comments and swear a lot?

BOY have I got the event for you!
So come on by Saturday, August 30th starting at 7PM. I will be available for as long as I can be for live chat, questions (None are too ridiculous!) and hang out with fellow nerds members!
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