RDI -- Khissa's Goodbye (Jack Scot)

OOC - a very rare, three paragraph, glimpse of Jack BEFORE he met Sid and was just an amnesiac wanderer singing for his supper. Jack sang songs for Sid shortly after this, if I recall correctly.

Subject: Re: Khissa's Goodbyes
Date: 8/30/1998 4:23 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: ScottieRag

Scottie sat perched next to the stone statue Tiefe had become. How he came to that high spot that overlooked the drawbridge and the path that lead to RhyDin Town, he couldn't say. He enjoyed the unobstructed view of the heavens and the strange stars that sparkled like fairy dust upon the dark velvet background. Dawn was still a memory to the eastern horizon, and all was silent save the last of the summer's crickets, still sawing industriously away on their fiddle legs.

He was about to add to the night's music, a small tin whistle poised on his lips. He inhaled and held it. Something - someone stirred beneath him, had opened the great doors of Phoenix Keep. He let his breath go, a whisper to the dark as Khissa emerged into sight. The packs she carried told her story, no secret now, her plans to leave. Scottie's dark eyes narrowed on the path ahead of her. He tried to gauge and guess where Khissa's road would take
her. He fervently hoped it would circle back to the Keep, but then hope never gave him much except heartache.

He leaned back against the sentinel gargoyle and raised the whistle once more to his lips. This time he played a soft air, one that spoke of traveling and the road and finally, the ending of the journey -- her journey. The notes chased Khissa's retreating form and whirled about her to tickle her ear. "Don't forget, Kitten," the music whispered to her. "It's okay to lean on someone."

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