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Good morning GR!

As you know, our original sub forum policy for members has no posting restrictions or time restrictions. As of today, February 23rd, 2019, I will be introducing two new policies when it comes to member controlled and created sub forums.

  1. Sub forums with posts dated 2017 and older will be automatically placed in storage.
  2. If there are 0 posts within 60+ days of requested creation of the sub forum, it will be moved into storage without notice as soon as possible. All sub forums that are currently sitting at 0 posts will be moved into storage without notice (as it has been approximately a year or more since a sub forum has been created)
  3. If there are no replies to this topic within 60 days from current sub forum owners, they will be moved into storage without notice as soon as possible.
  4. If you would like to have your sub forum removed from storage, visit the Sub forum requests forum and reply to the this new thread: Request your sub forum to be removed from storage.
  5. If after creation of a sub forum, you wish to have it stored for whatever reason, request your sub forum be stored by visiting the sub forum requests and post in Request your sub forum to be moved to storage.
We hope these are reasonable for all of you as we work to try and clear off the dust and properly reflect our activity and community at this time of a new forum, new website and new chat. Thank you for understanding! If you have any feedback, positive or negative, questions or concerns you are always welcome to reply here or send the admins a message. Happy gaming!
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