The Adventurer's Pocket Guide to the Job Board


Grand Poobah
The Adventurer's Pocket Guide to the Job Board

The Job Board at Delvers' Hall is one of a number scattered throughout this realm where employers are free to post assorted jobs and tasks they wish adventurers to carry out. Whether the employer plans to participate or wishes to send the party of adventurers out on their own, no matter the task, the Job Board is the place to find the skills you need to accomplish your goal!

These boards can be read by the general public, but while discretion can be very important for adventuring contracts, the author should think carefully about what they can share before putting quill to parchment. How many adventurers do you need? What skills should they have? How long might it take? What reward can they expect? An often ignored but very important question is, how should an adventurer indicate interest in the job? Should they snatch the posting off the board and set out to accomplish the task right away, merely sign their name to it, or contact you directly for a more rigorous adventurer selection process?

Answering these questions in advance is the first step in successfully hiring talent for your contracts, to say nothing of the contract's completion or the contractors' survival.

And I honestly mean that I have nothing to say about either of those things. We all know by now how prone we adventurers are to dying horrible deaths, often failing to meet our employers' goals in the process.

Happy delving!

Yours very sincerely,
Boro "Ironhand" Ignar
Legal Counsel to Delvers' Hall LLC

((OOC: As Boro stated, the Job Board is free for anyone to post and react to as a means of recruiting other players to involve their characters in whatever task your character wants to accomplish! While there are no limits to the kind of tasks you can advertise for, I'd like to suggest a template for "adventure" stories because they can be pretty complicated and I think this is an excellent platform for organizing them! This is only a suggestion, though, and you're more than welcome to use it or not, or modify it to suit your needs.

In addition to describing a job listing IC in the first part of a thread posted here, it might be helpful to set some other parameters OOC at the end of the post. Categories that have been mentioned so far are the number of players, as sometimes you want a sufficiently small or large group for your story; preferred medium, such as playing by e-mail, forum post, the GR chatrooms or an instant messenger service; story duration, which can be difficult to figure out but it may be useful to know if this is more like a single scene or encounter, or a long campaign; and schedule availability, which is the preferred time you'd like to play if you're using a live service like the GR chatrooms or an instant messenger.

You can pretend the example below is taken from the back pages of Boro's Pocket Guide!))

* * *

The Lost Dragon Hoard of the Northern Wastes

Wanted: At least two and no more than five adventurers to accompany me to the Northern Wastes, where we will locate and slay the evil dragon Zagova and divide her hoard equally. My safe return with my share of the hoard should be considered part of your duties on this contract. I am a skilled adept summoner and I would prefer a mix of melee and ranged fighters to divide Zagova's attention. Your share of the hoard will be delivered to the beneficiaries you designate in the event of your death.

((The OOC

Players: 2-5 needed

Contact: Make an IC post to this thread to indicate your character's interest. If you have any questions, please send me a private message.

Preferred medium: Player-created room on GR, willing to collaborate on forum prologue and/or conclusion in "Through the Portal"

Story duration: Two scenes anticipated. Looting Zagova's hoard is an isolated story.

Schedule availability: 8-11 p.m. Eastern Monday through Friday, 12-5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. Will not be available from the 20th to 26th of this month.))

* * *

((Again, this is a suggested template and not all of these details will be relevant to everyone. Two more things I'd like to leave you with!

This forum is much like the Events section: ideally the jobs posted here should be able to be responded to by anyone. You have the right to tell someone "no," but please bear in mind that the Jobs Board is meant to be an inclusive and not exclusive tool.

On a lighter note, I plan to post stories here that I will not personally involve myself in but will open up to whoever claims it to play out however they wish! I encourage the rest of you to do the same. Have a neat idea about an undead chef living in the RhyDin sewers but don't have the time to play it yourself, or just want the entertainment of seeing what someone else does with it? By all means, put it here!

And as Boro said, happy delving!))
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