What--for you--makes you consider your RP a success?


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Before I go to bed, (Which I said I was going to, a half an hour ago) I got this question that popped into my head and I thought it might be a good one.

What defines a successful RP to you? Is it the completion of a long, drawn out, well planned heavy story line? Or 2-8 hours of random play in a chat room with a new character that promises great stories together? Is it the creation of a well loved event? What makes you fist-pump in the air and go, "YEAH! I DID IT! RP SUCCESS!"?

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For me it's a combination of things.

It's events like the Booze Fest (happening again this August yes), birthday parties, party-parties, where people enjoy themselves, and actually show up, and play. Even better for me is when I get even one person who says they had a great time and look forward to another, or next year, or what-have-you.

And it's the random RP time when I can sit back and get out of my own head for a while. Snort-giggle because Thorn randomly glued the pieces of a disco ball to the ass of a pair of chaps because a friend called her something funny. Watching my character grow and change through her life experiences; watching her become a more rounded, solid character. It's the ego-stroke ass-pat of having people ask to play with Thorn. It's being all goose-girl giddy and gushing effusive thanks all over the play partner of the moment because omg! that scene/those hours/that Moment was just, thank you!

It's being thanked in the same way for the same reasons.

It's appreciating and being appreciated.

It's having your character's heart be lifted/made heavy/healed/broken by a few words by another.

I guess maybe it's, a lot of things for me. But I know, down deep know, that when I'm enjoying myself and not worrying about whatever's outside the world of play, and when I can sit back after logging out and feel lighter in my own heart, that's a pretty damn successful RP run.

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For me, it's everyone involved having fun and being able to contribute something while being fully engaged. It doesn't matter if this involves a long-reaching arc or random play. If you're having fun, that's what really matters isn't it?


Having fun is the biggest thing for me. It doesn't matter how long a scene lasts, be it written or in live play, what matters is finding it to be a positive experience.

When I have the opportunity to work on a project with someone and am able to interweave my character's story with theirs, the end result often causes me to take a step back and stand in awe. Being able to interact with several players in brain storming sessions has helped to bring about many of those fist pump, yes moments. I have found myself with an idea just on the edge of discovery. Discussing what has come to the surface often helps in filling the gaps because someone else can see what's in my blind spot.


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For me, the success lies in the level of engagement from others with the story. If people are engages with your RP, they having fun and it's a success. At least that's my view on this.
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